5 things that are missing from your email marketing strategy

5 things that are Missing from your Email Marketing Strategies.

Many said that it’s dead. That the era of email marketing is over, millennials have abandoned the thought of receiving their information in their inbox.


But here we are, In the year 2020, where global users of email services grew up to 4.3 billion users (Statista, 2020) from 3.9 billion users in 2019. 

Yes, You read that right almost half of the World’s Population is still in favor of the idea of receiving their messages in email inboxes.


Guess What! Email marketing is only dead if you can’t make it work for you.


Statistics proves the fact that email marketing is still confidently being used today and will definitely still be used in years to come. With daily over a million email exchanges totaling a trillion each year. The numbers continue to grow.


But it’s not that simple now . 


Rules have changed. 


Even if you get past those spam filters and Gmail’s promotions folder. Customers have learnt to avoid and filter through dozens of emails to select those that they find interesting. 


Email messaging will keep on evolving and changing. So, It’s best to fine-tune your strategy before jumping into mass mailing After all there’s no point in creating colorful creative emails that doesn’t give you enough clicks.


I have listed down 5 things that can be missing from your email marketing strategy.


Building a Quality Email List

Creating an attractive copy is a time taking task but all of it goes to waste if it lands in the inbox of an employee who left a position months earlier. 


Continuous updation of your email lists will save your efforts on outdated addresses and will enable you to focus on active high valued prospects.


Today modern CRMs allow marketers to easily track & clean their database with few simple clicks. 


Remember “Quality is better than Quantity.”


Personalization is paramount!

Although using personalization to woo customers has been a trend for a while now. It is still proving to be a significant way to attract customers’ attention. 


Your prospect customers are receiving a lot of messages on their inboxes, so you need to make sure that the messages you’re sending them are more appealing and relevant to them. 


A well thought personalised campaign can help you outsmart your competition and ensure that your subscribers are getting the message you wish to provide. 


This enables you to build a stronger relationship with your recipient resulting in a higher conversion rate. 



Email Marketing Infographic


An email with a personalised subject line is 26% more likely to be opened than the one without a personalised subject line. 


Mobile Ready Email Campaigns

Mobile devices have changed the way people engage with electronic media. Which compels digital marketers to re-think their email marketing strategies and design them with a ‘mobile first” mentality. 


Failing to adapt might result in losing clicks, opens, and  conversions that deliver revenue back to your business. From shorter subject lines to optimized templates for mobile devices, there’s a much greater scope to 


Email List Segmentation

Segmentation of your subscriber list on the basis of purchase history, age, location, etc. helps a lot in delivering the right message to the right reader. 


Even small tweaks to your email template or content can make a huge difference in your overall email campaign ROI.


Power of Automation

Email automation fetches results because it empowers marketers to provide a consistent experience with information that their subscribers need. 

Once you’ve high-quality list of subscribers you can pursue automation to set up emails based on timing and triggers that send specific messages automatically based on subscriber behavior.


One of the best ways to use automation in your email strategy is to set up a series of emails that take your subscribers through a desired path. 

Now this path can lead to sign up forms, purchasing page, or a free trial website. It depends on you!


Email marketing is an amazing way to reach your customer. But as the competition gets tougher, the demand for email copies that subscribers want to read is on the rise. With the right set of tool marketers can master the technique of bringing high conversions on each campaigns.


It is imperative that customer needs remain the center focus when such strategies for email campaigns are developed.

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